Meet the team

Meet the award winning team


Crayon Evangelist

Ben is the designer, studio director and Partner at Kode Digital, he looks after the aesthetics of your design, making everything look amazing.

Ben will take your brief, no matter how weird it is and make it a reality.
International man of mystery and well travelled but most of all a family man, husband and father.
Ben works with color, typography, data and photography as well as bespoke designs that get the imagination working. He is amazing at iconography too.

Most likely to be heard saying: “Okjaaa” (Google it)
In his spare time, Ben likes music, illustration and spending time with his family.

Fun Fact: Ben has been a mixologist, a roofer and is currently a lover not a fighter.


Digital Overlord

Barry is the back end developer as well as a Partner at Kode Digital.
He makes stuff work, mostly by breaking it, testing it, fixing it and testing it again .
Barry loves puzzles and he likes to find solutions to challenges, no website design has ever beaten him.
He sees the world in code, or Kode as we like to say.

Most likely to be heard saying: “I need more screens!”
In his spare time Barry likes to... Barry has no spare time as a husband and father to 6 kids. “Spare time? What’s that? “

Fun Fact: Barry loves creating things, whether that’s from wood or code, he is always building something.


Creator of Opportunities

Aaron is the Business Development Manager and face of Kode Digital, but Aaron would say he is so much more (well he would).
He has worldwide commercial experience having worked in Canada, the USA, Australia and Spain. He is quite outspoken in his view on business and is frequently invited to debate/give his views in the City Region.

Aaron is Kode Digital’s networker and social media magician, he helps steer the commercial direction of Kode Digital, it's his job to explain all of the services that Kode Digital can offer and how they can benefit your business.

Aaron is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM) as well as being the Ambassador for Creative and Regional Board Member for the Chartered Institute of Marketing North West (CIM).

Most Likely to be heard saying: “if it’s after 12 o'clock then it’s rum o'clock``
In his spare time Aaron likes to play XBOX One, smoke cuban cigars and he is a rumologist (Rum drinking expert).

Fun Fact: Aaron is a Lord and served as a Queen’s Guard for many years


Digital Demigod

Some say Callum secretly runs Kode Digital and he is also planning to take over the universe. Commonly referred to as “The Dark Horse”.

He is our experienced front end developer which means he also breaks sites, fixes sites, test sites… you get the gist.
If you can imagine it, callum can build it.

Most Likely to be heard saying: “I’m still gonna send it”
In his spare time Callum likes to keep fit, play games and eat food.

Fun Fact: Callum once had two weeks to think of a fun fact about himself… That was 6 months ago, we’re still waiting.


Kode Digital

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